St Patrick's day

Last week we had a very special surprise during our English lesson. The teacher brought some strange seeding pots and we didn´t know what could be them for but... when she started to tell us about St Patrick's day, she gave us some clues... 

She told us about the Leprechaun and his gold pot at the end of the rainbow, and also about St Patrick's day a its origins. We could learn something about these stories and then... we looked for the treasure!!!! 

The leprechaun had hidden a gold pot also in our classroom, but it was really really special: it had gold coins, of course, but also good luck seeds!

 Because spring is around and it's moment to plant.  We really enjoyed the day and now we are looking forward to seeing how the seeds, with help of the sun and water, become plants!!!! 

We could also finish colouring our shamrocks, gold pots and rainbows during the week, with teacher Patricia, and on Monday they had became a mobile! St. Patrick's day is so magical! We love it!!

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